On Thursday, Nov. 2, 2023 at about 4:13 a.m., Kent Officers were dispatched to a commercial burglary in progress at Kent RV on 88th Ave S. (map below).

Witnesses advised police that burglars were jumping a fence on one side of the lot, and Officers were there quickly to intercept.

Police said that one suspect, a 28-year-old Seattle man, refused commands to stop and was taken to the ground by Officer Alattore, who was pursuing on foot.

“The suspect was grabbing for his waistline as they went to the ground,” police said. “Once they landed, Officer Alatorre located a handgun next to the suspect as they struggled. He quickly utilized emergency tactics to remove it from the suspect’s reach. Officers Spencer and Silas assisted in controlling and handcuffing the aggressive and uncooperative suspect. The handgun was later determined to be loaded and had one in the chamber.”

The suspect had a no bail felony warrant from Department of Corrections, (DOC) for escaping community custody on an Assault 2 charge. His criminal history showed multiple prior felony charges for assault 2, burglary 2, bail jumping, possession of stolen property, unlawful possession of a firearm, (UPFA) and theft 2. He is ineligible to own a firearm based on this history.

The suspect was booked and is now facing additional charges for burglary 1, false statements and another UPFA. 1.

The investigation continues to locate the second suspect who fled during the fight.

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