A former drug user who was arrested twice by Kent Police Department (KPD) officers years ago recently shared a message expressing gratitude for their role in helping them overcome addiction.

The individual – who requested anonymity to protect their privacy – detailed their struggles with drug use and subsequent arrests. They credited court-ordered interventions and their own determination, including participation in a 12-step program and finding a supportive community, with their recovery.

“Because of the KPD, I was forced to look at where my life could end up if I continued on that path,” they wrote. “It made me realize and gave me the space to fight for my life and when I got out that’s exactly what I did. I’m so proud to have turned my life around but couldn’t have done it without you guys fighting to keep the streets clean. I appreciate the hard work you do for our community even more. So thank you thank you for my life. Thank you for showing up for all of us.”

The message resonated with a KPD officer who reviewed it.

“I’m glad to hear about a happy ending to one of these many sad drug situations,” the officer said. “It’s a great reminder not to judge those who are dealing with addiction.”

KPD shared the message to highlight the importance of seeking help and the potential for positive outcomes. Resources for those struggling with addiction, including the national 988 crisis hotline, were included:

In Crisis or want to talk anonymously about your substance abuse?

Some Local Treatment Options

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