The Kent Police Department (KPD) is warning businesses and residents to be vigilant against counterfeit currency after an East Hill business reported a customer attempting to use a fake $100 bill recently.

According to KPD, officers responded to a 911 call from the business after an employee suspected a customer had tendered a counterfeit $100 bill. They refused to give the bill back.

The suspect, a 56-year-old Kent man, became argumentative and initially refused to exit his vehicle when contacted by officers. The man was eventually persuaded to cooperate and was arrested for attempting to pass counterfeit currency and resisting arrest.

Police said the suspect claimed that he didn’t know the bill was bad, “but the fake was so obvious this seemed doubtful. He was arrested and charged with passing the fake bill AND the not ok actions he took to avoid speaking with the Officers.”

“This got us to thinking that many of you handle money everyday, and while this particular bill looked like it was created by a pure amateur, there are better fakes out there,” police said. “So for those of you who deal in money everyday, or know someone who does, we found a great resource for you to help determine real OR fake.”

Everything you want to know about any U.S. denomination is on the following page along with resources for businesses to train their employees:

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