On Wednesday afternoon, July 12, 2023, there was a first appearance hearing for Carson Quinlin, 19, the suspect arrested in Tuesday’s Kent vehicular homicide investigation that killed a 12-year-old, and police claim that he was drunk at the time.

Quinlin waived his right to appear and was represented by a defense attorney.

The court found probable cause for vehicular homicide.

King County Prosecutors argued for bail to be set at $150,000. The court set bail at $100,000, and Quinlin remains in custody.

According to the police report, on Tuesday, July 11 at about 6:58 p.m., Officers were dispatched to 132nd Ave SE and SE 230th Street in Kent regarding a serious injury collision (read our previous coverage here).

Here’s more from police:

  • Numerous 911 callers reported a multi-vehicle collision at the location also involving a pedestrian. One caller reported CPR being done on her 12-year-old child at the scene.
  • Upon Officers arrival, they observed an unresponsive child laying in the roadway with a witness conducting CPR. First Aid was provided by Medics and the Fire Department.
  • An Officer then contacted a male named Carson A. Quinlin, 19. Quinlin verbally identified himself, and his identity was later confirmed by his WA DOL photo.
  • Quinlin stated he was driving the Chevy Silverado involved in the collision. A DOL inquiry of the Chevy Silverado returned it as registered to him. There was significant damage to the Chevy, with an axle and tires ripped from the vehicle indicating a high speed collision. Quinlin estimated he struck the child while traveling about 50mph in the posted 35mph zone, then later estimated his speed as 55mph to 60mph.
  • Quinlin was shirtless, shoeless, and had blood around his face and chest that he stated was from the child’s blood. He was extremely emotional as he was crying, flailing his body, and yelling.
  • An Officer began to ask him what happened and recognized the odor of intoxicants emitting from his person. Quinlin explained he was at a park off Renton-Maple Valley Hwy with friends and had about four twisted tea alcoholic drinks. He was then driving the Chevy from Renton back to his home in Maple Valley. He had his girlfriend and multiple other friends in the truck with him.
  • As Quinlin was driving southbound on 132nd Ave SE he decided to test the truck’s suspension and passed southbound traffic via the oncoming northbound lane. He estimatedt the traffic he passed was moving about 5mph under the speed limit. Once he passed multiple vehicles, Quinlin moved back into the southbound lane. However, the truck pulled to the right and he collided with a vehicle and the child who was riding his scooter. The child had been riding on the shoulder of the road off the side of the fog line.
  • Quinlin consented to voluntary field sobriety tests. He stated he was not wearing glasses or contacts and had medical conditions that effected his ability to balance. When asked about the extent of the condition, Quinlin stated he leaned and limped when he was in pain.
  • Throughout an Officer’s interaction with Quinlin, police said his behavior was up and down where one moment he was calm and the next he was either angry or upset. He also had difficulty explaining what had happened and forming coherent statements.

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