On Friday, Jan. 26, 2024, the Auburn Police Department learned of two armed robberies that had occurred earlier in the day at 7-Eleven convenience stores in Des Moines and Tukwila.

Information about the two robberies involved multiple suspects and a blue Kia as the getaway vehicle.

Later that day, an Auburn police officer drove by a 7-Eleven in Auburn just after 7 p.m. and noticed a blue Kia parked strangely near the entrance.

As the officer pulled into the parking lot to investigate, he saw two suspects run out with cash tills in their hands and jump into the blue Kia (as seen in the video below). The suspects immediately fled from police, resulting in a pursuit. The pursuit ended quickly after the suspects jumped out of the car when reaching a dead end and fled on foot.

With the help of K9 Dexter and Guardian One, all four suspects – all juveniles – were arrested.

The vehicle was a reported stolen vehicle from Auburn and the description of all four suspects appeared to match the suspect descriptions from the outside agency’s robberies. No injuries were reported.


Below is video showing the thieves in action at the 7-Eleven, along with police dashcam showing them escaping and the start of the pursuit:

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