From the Kent Police Department:

“This past week Sergeant Clark’s patrol crew had a chance to do some focused direct patrols in target areas across the city. They were also able to give some suspects a chance to be offered services that they really need before their addictions take them out of the game. Here’s a bit about each arrest, and a plea to discuss how dangerous these drugs are with your loved ones. Fentanyl is incredibly addicting and unforgiving.

“At the end of this post there is resource information about where you can find treatment and DEA websites that provide up to date info on fentanyl and other drugs. There are also some tips on how to talk to your teens. Do it now and do it often.


“Officer Stotler had three direct patrol on view arrest incidents this week including the arrest of a 33-year-old Kent man who was openly smoking “Pills”, a street term for fentanyl, in a business area. The suspect admitted to being addicted, he was cooperative and turned over the small amount of drugs he still had in his pockets. He was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance.

“His second arrest occurred while on directed patrol when he saw 3 men in a business parking lot passing around some foil and a lighter. They were in an area well marked by no trespassing signs because the business owners had signed a trespass agreement with KPD, (call us if you are a business and need one). One suspect, 20-year-old Kent man, had a felony warrant for Organized Retail Theft 2, and several baggies of powdered fentanyl weighing in a 10.65 grams. He was arrested for his warrant and also charged for Possession of a Controlled Substance.

“His third drug arrest for the week was a 27-year-old Kent man who was seen sleeping in a business lot. He was passed out due to his recent drug use. He has drugs on his person and was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance.

“Officer Fry had 4 drug related contacts this week. Arrest number 1 was a dispatched call to a store on Meeker St to contact a 44-year-old Kent man who was running naked into traffic and stealing items from the store. He had a felony warrant out of Pierce County, a misdemeanor warrant out of Seattle, and 3 small containers of drugs including blues and a white crystal substance that was tested later and determined to be meth. In addition to his warrants, he was booked for Shoplifting, and Possession of a Controlled Substance.

“Officer Fry’s second arrest occurred when he was conducting direct patrols and contacted 3 men who were smoking fentanyl in public. The men, a 30-year-old Maple Valley man, 35-year-old Seattle man, 32-year-old Algona man all had warrants, and were taken into custody.

“His third drug arrest was in a downtown alley. He was on direct patrol and on viewed two subjects using fentanyl (blues). The 32-year-old Kent man was arrested for possession of the blues, and trespassing. The suspect was with a 44-year-old Kent man who had a self-inflicted injured that occurred prior to police contact. That man was transported to local hospital cited at large possession of a controlled substance.

“His last drug related arrest of the week was a 36-year-old Federal Way woman and a 38-year-old Kent man. He spotted while enroute to another call smoking fentanyl near a business. They were charged for Public Use of a Controlled Substance.

“Officer Steiner contacted a 25-year-old North Bend man when he on viewed his drug usage during direct patrols. The suspect admitted to smoking fentanyl powder. He also had a $10k Kent warrant for Resisting Arrest and Public Use of a Controlled Substance $500 warrant Des Moines for theft 3. He had a baggie of clear drug not yet tested but suspected to be meth. He was arrested for Public Use of a Controlled Substance and his warrants.

“Great job by Sgt. Clark’s crew.”


In Crisis or want to talk anonymously about your substance abuse?

CALL 988…/suicid…/988-suicide-crisis-lifeline

DEA Fentanyl Awareness:

One Pill Can Kill:

Info for Teens about fentanyl:

Some Local Treatment Options

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